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☆彡 Sushi and cereal ✂ sushicereal

Sushi Cereal Graphics
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( Sushi Cereal )
.Sushi and Cereal
is a graphic comm found by rukaria. And maintained by the 2 awesome ladies.

1. Do not hotlink.
2. Comment if using/taking.
3. Affiliates are welcome.
4. Credit if using any of our works.
Nerrin is your ordinary, run-of-the-mill IRL troll. While she isn't posting her fanworks on her other journal, icons at karnevelle, or coloring manga for this community, she is off industrializing. To date, she's in over 150 fandoms. Which goes to show how she's **EVERYWHERE**.
Vai is the oh-so-crazy girl in this community,she's not making lots of graphics. Is currently practicing for manga coloring. Fandoms are Tales of series, Pandora Hearts, KHR, Hetalia, etc. Awards can be found here
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